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I Wish I Was Special

♫ I wish I was special ♫

Remember that Creep(y) Radiohead’s song?


Pernah dengar orang lain komplain atau mungkin kamu sendiri tentang merasa tidak diistimewakan? Misal, “Dia nggak pernah punya waktu buat aku. Dia nggak pernah ngasih aku bunga. Dia bla bla bla ya da ya da… Buat dia, aku nggak pernah spesial. Aku bukanlah siapa-siapa. Aku cuma remahan Regal atau butiran Marimas.

Tapi apa benar begitu? (more…)

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Letter #8 – The Dysfunctional Conversation

Letter #8

The Dysfunctional Conversation


I want to see every full moon, from every place you travel, with your eyes.


It has been eight months now.
Three thousand miles away from our hometown.

From you.

Here I am, sitting on the front porch stairs.
Keeping a promise I once made.
To tell the story of every full moon.

To you.

# (more…)

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