Jatuh Cinta Itu, Tandanya Gimana?

You are my wonderwall

I always mesmerize with people’s thought. The way they think, act, and react. People thoughts are often driven by their logic and sometimes a bit influenced by the heart. By mentioning sometimes, I mean, when they’re in love.

So, tonight I was randomly asked this question *on the title of this post* to some friends. The answers I got were varies, of course. But here to sum up:

  • You lost your logic.
  • Malu-malu salah tingkah kalo ada orangnya.
  • Senyum-senyum sendiri kalo inget apapun tentang dia.
  • Jadi jago nulis naskah cerita yang isinya berbagai skenario dan beragam jenis adegan….. sama dia.
  • Caper dengan segala tingkatannya. Mulai dari caper, semakin caper, dan semakin caper lagi.

The most common answer was:

  • Deg-degan kalo ketemu.

The most heartwarming one was:

  • You put him/her on your wonderwall.

And then I got this answer:

  • Orang yang nanya, “Jatuh cinta itu tandanya gimana?”

Okay, Akid’s signing out now! :)))


PS: thank you for sharing your thoughts, dear friends! <3

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