Footprint, Mumble

On hot days of your trip, you might always crave for cold drinks during your walk around the city or your jog catching bus and train to prevent dehydration. But, of course, it will be too heavy and bulky (and costly) for you to bring along a box of water cooler or keep buying cold drinks from a dispenser or a stall.

So, here I’d like to share you my trick that might be a bit silly but have been tested and satisfied me enough.

Well, some of you might already aware of this trick but for those who don’t (yet), here’s a very quick tips on how to keep enjoying cool drinks along your trip.

What do you need?
Your favorite mint candies and the drinks.

How to enjoy?
Have some of the mint candies, and by the time they’re in your mouth and the coolness is all over your tongue, drink your water. Be careful not to swallow the candies. Or, to make it safer, finish the candies first and drink the water right away.

And, that’s it!

You will taste the cool sensation from mint candies along with the drinks.

Super si(lly)mple, right?

You’re welcome! :D

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